Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Assignment 1 and Midterm 1

I'm currently working through the first assignment submissions and hope to have it all graded on WebCT in the next couple of days.  I'm writing out a bunch of notes/suggestions that are not necessarily related to the actual marks for the assignment, so if you see a bunch of text, don't panic!

I also just found out your first midterm is coming up Tuesday next week.  I had been hoping to do an informal tutorial before the midterm to help you prepare, but the test is a little too soon.  So instead what I might do is organize one after the midterms are marked so we can at least go over the topics that caused the most trouble.  We can also do one before the second midterm.

A quick tip for the midterm: whenever you see inconsistencies in things like how transformation matrices are written (is the vector on the left hand side or the right?) or what kind of coordinate system is being used (left handed or right handed?), don't worry about which one you use on the test - just make sure it's clear to me. You can write a little note at the start of a question if it helps.

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