Thursday, November 3, 2011

Assignment 3 Marked

The third assignment is now marked and on WebCT.  Overall, most of those who attempted it did well.  A few general comments:
  • There were a few assignments that looked suspiciously similar.  It might have been a coincidence (and it might have carried over from the previous assignment, and I just didn't notice it then).  But just in case it is not, please be more careful in the future.  Your best bet is to make a note of who you worked with on an assignment when you submit if you did indeed work together.
  • There are still some basic code-related issues (so I made sure there were some marks for that).  For instance, I want to continue to get you to use good practices like making your class members protected or private, not using the 'this' pointer to access your members unnecessarily, and avoiding magic numbers.
  • Please remember to clear all your warnings before submitting!
  • And check whether you check your project file for this stuff before submitting.  You don't want to make your TA do more work than she has to before she even starts grading. ;)  I'll take marks off in the future if I have to modify it for you.

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