Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nominate a Great TA for the SCS TA Excellence Award

With the last assignment marked and your projects coming in, I guess this pretty much wraps up our time together this term! It was awesome working with you and I hope I was able to be helpful to you all.

I wanted to draw your attention to the School of Computer Science's TA Excellence Award.  I started this with the admin staff a couple of years ago when I was the TA Mentor, and its success depends very much on you guys making meaningful nominations.  In the past, we've had lots of amazing comments from both students and profs so I hope this can continue this year, even though I've moved back into regular TA'ing and someone else has taken over the mentor role!

So, if you had a TA you really liked this term, or have a great one next term, please do consider nominating him or her.  (That includes me, if you happen to think I'm deserving!)

Nominate a great TA here

Best of luck on your exams, and hope you have an awesome second term! :D

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